Sunday, February 10, 2013

Give me a reason

The last thing negroes need now are black imitators of neurotic white writers... we possess within ourselves a great reservoir of physical and spiritual strength to which poetry fiction and stage should give voice—  Langston Hughes, April 1965  The Task of The Negro Writer as Artist

I ran from it and was still in it; it was so big I ran from it and was still in it– Fred Moten

If you are a diasporic subject, the archive acquires a special poignancy for you, because it is the space of the memorial, there are very few tangible memorials which say 'you have been here,' and so the archive is important because it's one of the spaces in which the memorial attests to your existence, but in the archival one also finds a struggle between the official and the unofficial, because the archival both brings out what is accepted as what has happened and illustrates, sometimes, what has to be repressed in order for what's happened to happenJohn Akomfrah

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